How to Measure Your Windows Correctly

There are only two basic ways to install your new curtains. Either INSIDE MOUNT (Spring-Rods/Tension Rods) or OUTSIDE MOUNT (Sash, Cafe-Sash, or Magnetic Rods).

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With the INSIDE MOUNT METHOD, the SPRING RODS hold themselves in place by a spring inside 'pushing out' against the inside window sill (much like most shower curtain rods work). This method can only be used if you have at least a 1/2 inch of space between your window glass and the outer edge of your window molding. With the Spring Rod installation, the length of the curtain will be the exact same length as your window, we decide the width of the panel depending on the material.

With the OUTSIDE MOUNT METHOD, this is where you mount the Sash-Rods, Cafe-Sash Rods, or Magnetic Rods above the window 2-3 inches and another 2-3 inches below the window. So if your window is 63 inches tall (length), then you would choose a 68 inch (length) curtain. We decide the width of the panel depending on the material.

When you place your order, we need the width and length of your window. If you need a specific width let us know when you make your purchase in the comment box.


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